Case study

United Utilities

United Utilities

Saving water in power showers

Client: United Utilities

Issue: Water use in power showers

Session: Project

United Utilities


As part of the United Utilities social responsibility strategy, United Utilities wanted to undertake a project exploring ways to save water in power showers.

The project aimed to provide validated information about:

  • people's personal shower habits
  • their shower preferences
  • the acceptability of water saving devices

The project involved an assessment of public perception, social trends and water saving technology. The study examined public attitude and perceptions to water use and saving, combined with a technological study of shower performance characteristics and a home trial on acceptability of water saving devices.

Results informed both local and national strategies and reflected international developments in water saving.


Academics from the following schools worked with United Utilities on this project:


The following academics worked with United Utilities on this project: 

This study will pioneer the development of standards for the shower of the future.

Richard Critchley -
United Utilities water resources planning manager

Client benefits

  • United Utilities satisfied their social responsibility requirements set by OFWAT and are taking part in a national project led by DEFRA and Market Transformation Programme

  • The project generated media attention for the company and the partners, with interviews from the local press and GMTV

Academic and student benefits

  • Three EU visiting student projects and five LJMU student projects

  • Presentations at two conferences

  • Publicity for LJMU - the project has been used as an exemplar in the Envirolink brochure

  • Enquiries from industry leading to further projects

  • Networking and membership of national working groups
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