2018 undergraduate funding for UK and EU students

Looking to start at LJMU in 2018?

The UK government has not yet released the information regarding funding available for those starting university from September 2018 onwards. Once this information is released we will update our website and publicity accordingly.

However, the government has made a number of recent announcements relating to the following:

EU nationals

EU nationals that start their course in 2018 or earlier will remain eligible for funding for the duration of their course.

Read the statement from the government

Tuition fees

The government has recently confirmed that tuition fees will be capped at the 2017/18 rate of £9,250. Please be aware that the University reserves the right to increase fees up to the maximum permitted by law or government policy in the second and subsequent years of your course. Generally, these fee increases are linked to RPIX inflation (Retail Price Index excluding mortgage interest payments).

The important thing to remember is that you do not have to pay your tuition fees upfront – subject to meeting eligibility criteria, you can take out a tuition fee loan for each year of your course.

Repayment thresholds

The Department for Education, which governs the funding arrangements for students from England, has announced that the earnings threshold (the amount at which your student loan becomes repayable) will increase from April 2018 from £21,000 to £25,000. This announcement currently is only applicable to students from England, as the other UK administrations (Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland) have not yet released any information.

Read the House of Commons written statement

Keep informed

You may also wish to check out the government websites for up-to-date information. The website you need to check depends on where in the UK you are normally resident prior to starting at University.

Students from England
Students from Wales
Students from Northern Ireland
Students from Scotland
Students from the EU

For information on tuition fees or funding please contact the Student Advice Team on 0151 231 3153/3154.