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Information for 2016/17 UK undergraduates

Fees and funding for NHS students

What funding package is available for you?

As an undergraduate (from the UK or EU) studying an NHS course, you’ll receive a different funding package to other undergraduates. If you meet the criteria, your tuition fees will also be paid by the NHS.

We’ve outlined some general fees and funding information for NHS students on this page. For more information, please visit the NHS website or contact the Student Advice and Wellbeing team.

Tuition fees

If you meet the NHS eligibility criteria, your tuition fees will be paid by the NHS directly to Liverpool John Moores University.  You do need to submit an application to the NHS Student Bursary Unit for this to happen.


If you are accepted onto one of Liverpool John Moores University’s nursing or midwifery courses, you will be funded by a combination of an NHS bursary and a reduced rate loan.

Please note: EU students will not be eligible to receive help for their living costs. 

The maximum amount of funding available for you is outlined in this table:

If you will be living and studying:

Non-means tested grant (non-repayable)

Means-tested bursary (max. amount)

Reduced rate non-means-tested maintenance loan

Total (assuming you receive maximum)

In England and living somewhere other than your parental home





In England and living with your parents





Funding FAQs

Got a question? You might be able to find the answer below.

How do I pay back my maintenance loan?

You will receive an annual statement saying how much you have borrowed and if applicable how much you have repaid. This means that when you start paying back your student loans, you will only make one monthly payment.

Your repayments are based on a percentage of your salary, not how much you borrowed from the Student Loans Company. 

If your income is over £21,000 (threshold for students from England) your employer will start taking repayments from your salary.

If your income falls below £21,000, your repayments will stop.

Remember: You don’t need to pay back your NHS grant or NHS bursary. Only your maintenance loan.

I'm continuing NHS-funded BA/BSc (degree) student. Could I receive an NHS bursary?

If you are continuing on an NHS-funded BA or BSc course then you can apply for an NHS bursary for each year of your course. The NHS will look at your parents' or partner's income when they assess your bursary each year.

I have children. Can I apply for additional funding?

In addition to the NHS bursary, if you have children you can apply for grants for your dependants and a childcare grant.  All grants for dependants are means tested.

I have to travel to my placement. Can I apply for help with my travel costs?

If the costs of travelling to your placement exceeds the normal cost of travelling to university, you can apply to have these costs reimbursed. You will only receive the difference between the two costs rather than the full amount. You will need to keep receipts for your travel and submit these when you claim.

I have an ongoing health issue/ disability. Do I apply for Disabled Students' Allowance?

If you have an ongoing health issue or disability you may qualify for Disabled Students' Allowance.

Visit the NHS website for more information.