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Tuition fee and maintenance loans

Information for undergraduates

How much funding could you receive?

This page provides an overview of the government funding available to full-time undergraduates

As well as government funding, you could also receive additional funding from scholarships and bursaries.

EU student funding continued for 2020/21

EU students starting courses in 2020/21 will have guaranteed home fee status. Find out more.

Apply for your student funding

You need to apply for your student finance by the end of May. You can still apply after this date, but if you do apply later you may not receive your money before the start of the academic year. In order to be eligible, you must apply no later than nine months after the start of your course.

  • Deadline: end of May

You can apply for a tuition fee loan and maintenance loan via your government website. The tuition fee loan is paid directly to Liverpool John Moores University. The living cost support will be paid directly into your bank account. For more information on how much you will receive click on the relevant link below:

Further information for students studying nursing or midwifery

If you are starting a nursing or midwifery course in 2018, in addition to your standard student finance package you may also be eligible to apply for support for travel to placements, money for dependant children and further support from the NHS Exceptional Support Fund.

Information about maintenance loans

Am I eligible for a maintenance loan?

The maintenance loan is available to full-time UK students who meet the residency rules for student finance, don't already have an honours degree and who are under the age of 60 on 1 September in the year they start their course.

PGCE/PGDE students are funded on the same basis as undergraduates and are also eligible for a maintenance loan.

Part-time students starting in 2018 or later can also apply for a maintenance loan.

How will I receive the maintenance loan?

The maintenance loan is paid straight into your bank or building society account by the Student Loans Company (SLC). Prior to releasing your maintenance loan the SLC will require confirmation from us that you are attending Liverpool John Moores University.

The loan is paid in three instalments and it's up to you to budget this money for the whole term. For example, you will have to pay your rent and travel costs out of this money.


When will I repay my loans?

You do not have to start repaying your loans until you have completed your course and are earning more than £25,716 per year, unless you leave your course early. In this instance your eligibility will be recalculated to ensure you have only had a loan for the number of weeks you have been attending and you may be asked to repay a portion of the loan at that point.

Once you are earning more than £25,716 per year, you will pay back 9% of anything above the £25,716 threshold. This chart gives you an idea about the amount you will pay back based on the amount you earn.

Annual salary Monthly repayment
£19,000 0
£22,000 0
£25,000 0
£30,000 £32.13
£35,000 £69.56
£40,000 £107.06
£45,000 £144.63
£50,000 £182.06
£55,000 £219.63
£60,000 £257.06

If you haven’t fully repaid your student loan after 30 years, your loan is written off. This means you won’t need to continue repaying the loan.

Please note, this threshold applies to students from England and Wales. Different rules apply to those from Northern Ireland and Scotland, see the Student Loans Company website for further information.