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Promoting wellbeing and diversity

Always equal never the same

We are committed to ensuring all members of the community are treated with respect and are able to access health and wellbeing support to enable them to live a happy and productive life.

Here are just some of the projects we’re involved in:

Providing assistance to asylum seekers and refugees

The majority of asylum seekers and refugees come to the UK from developing countries where there is abuse of human rights, war and conflict; as well as a lack of health care and basic resources. Their journey to safety will be long and gruelling often exposing them to physical trauma and sexual violence, increasing the risks of physical and mental health problems.

LJMU has recently produced an online resource to help health care professionals provide support to refugees and asylum seekers. Funded by Health Education England under the Mary Seacole Leadership Awards, the online resource hub provides information on the available resources and services related to the health needs of this vulnerable section of society.

Visit the resource hub.

Supporting the LGBT+ community

LJMU is in partnership with Homotopia, a Liverpool based arts and social justice organisation responsible for creating art, interventions and participation that inspires and unites communities. Each November, Homotopia puts on a spectacular LGBT+ arts and cultural festival.

Find out more about Homotopia.

Providing free legal advice

Our Legal Advice Centre is helping to mitigate the impact of cuts to Legal Aid by offering free legal advice to people who would otherwise not be able to afford legal representation. The Centre is run by student volunteers from the University’s Legal Practice Course and the Graduate Diploma in Law programmes, with the support of a number of Liverpool-based law firms, including Heaney Watson, Weightmans, Thompsons and Jackson & Canter. Since it first opened its doors in 2015, 193 students have supported over 300 clients and successfully dealt with 128 cases.

Developing innovative solutions to tackle dementia

With people living longer it is anticipated that the incidence of dementia will double by 2030 and by 2050 more than triple. There is an increasing drive to develop innovative and cost-effective dementia care strategies which focus on supporting people with dementia to live well. Bearing this in mind LJMU’s Centre for Collaborative Innovation in Dementia works in partnership with people living with dementia to provide an open environment in which to innovate and validate potential solutions to the real life challenges of living every day with dementia.

Discover the work being carried out in the Centre for Collaborative Innovation in Dementia.

In addition, the Uses of Art Lab is inspiring communities to consider how art can be used to bring about social change. The research group have recently worked on a number of projects that tackle issues surrounding health and wellbeing, particularly addressing dementia. Working in partnership with a number of organisations, the projects aim to break the stigma attached to mental health and ageing, reduce health inequalities and express the concept of living well with dementia.

Find out about the Uses of Art Lab's projects.