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Client: Data Performance Consultancy

Issue: Data consultancy

Session: Big Data, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security.

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DPC is an Information Technology Consultancy company providing Data Audits and Forensic Analysis, Digital Transformation Management, Rapid Application Development, Application Programming Interface (API) Incubation, Web Application Security and WASP.

Approaching LCR 4.0

Brian Bishop (CEO) commenced working on Social Value as the cornerstone of the Smart City concept in 2010 with the formation of The Data Performance Consultancy Ltd. 

Brian wanted to build on the relationship already established with staff in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) at LJMU and was aware of the support available through LCR 4.0 which would help him create a smart procurement platform delivering cost savings with evidenced backed social value – WASP (Workflow Analytics Social Procurement).

Partner support

The original concept evolved as a result of research conducted by Brian and his team at DPC and the current Smart Cities project is to build a Smart Social Value Procurement Platform (WASP – Workflow Analytics and Social Procurement) with an embedded collaborative social value framework so as to improve service levels and reduce costs within a community (city, town, village). In parallel DPC will develop a perspective of how the public sector can procure and manage their smart applications and services from existing and new suppliers.


By improving the procurement process and replacing systems using DPC’s Smart Procurement Platform the measurable outcomes will help drive direction for economic growth within a locality. LJMU, FET have supported DPC to successfully secure £50,000 Innovate UK funding through the First of a Kind competition.

Working into the future

DPC will continually work with LCR 4.0 to identify further funding and investment opportunities in order to develop the Smart Platform to the next phase.

Brian Bishop says:

“The support we have received from the LCR 4.0 team has been fantastic. For many years we have been trying to ensure key stakeholders understood the benefits of our smart procurement platform. We lacked the required expertise to develop funding strategies and applications that would clearly articulate our ideas into competitive funding proposals. I am delighted to say that with help from LJMU's commercialisation team through the LCR 4.0 project, we have successfully secured funding from Innovate UK which has allowed us to progress our technology in a timely fashion. Without this support we would still be trying to raise funds.”

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