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Stakeholder engagement

LCR 4.0 recognises the benefits of communicating with the key stakeholders to ensure opportunities are identified and challenges are addressed. A number of specific groups have been set up to focus on particular areas of innovation and relating to the 4th Industrial Revolution. If you would like to find out more or be involved, please contact Lesley Lambert.

Faq Items

Women in LCR 4.0 Cluster Group

The Women in LCR 4.0 Cluster Group aims to identify and promote existing and emerging career opportunities available to women across LCR 4.0; to encourage more women to take advantage of the opportunities a career in manufacturing, and other industry sectors, traditionally under represented by women, can offer.

The Women in LCR 4.0 Cluster Group will:

  • Promote and highlight current opportunities
  • Identify emerging career opportunities
  • Identify any skills gaps
  • Look at mechanisms to enhance uptake of current opportunities
  • Open dialogue with local SMEs to highlight the wealth of talent available across the area
  • Work with other local/national/global networks and organisations that provide support for women in these sectors
  • Identify and promote inspiring female role models within LCR 4.0

We meet regularly to strategically discuss how to progress our aims.

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Construction Stakeholder Group

Industry 4.0 technologies such as sensors, virtual reality and simulation are transforming modern manufacturing. But they are also enabling the construction sector to achieve greater productivity and embrace new ways of working. The Construction Cluster Group aims to promote 4IR in the Construction Industry by highlighting the benefits but will also look at barriers to adopting new technologies. If you would like to be involved in the Cluster Group, please contact Lesley Lambert.

Read more about our Construction in the Digital Age Roundtable

Digital - Manufacturing Stakeholder Group

Working with the local Chambers of Commerce to support manufacturing, LCR 4.0 is a member of Wirral Chamber Manufacturing ForumKnowsley Chamber Manufacturing Network and St Helens Chamber

Coming soon, an online resource to promote the opportunities of manufacturers in LCR, Manufacturing Map. As a team, we have already learnt a great deal from the SMEs that we serve and the organisations that we interact with. Our support philosophy is to be a dynamic project that learns and iterates, utilising the feedback of all stakeholders to strengthen our delivery throughout the lifetime of the project.

One key piece of feedback from a range of stakeholders has been that of promoting a greater understanding of the geographic spread and manufacturing speciality of LCR SMEs to a wider audience.

Promotion of LCR manufacturers (many of whom are global leaders within their field) will not only serve to increase potential for inward investment and export, but will also act to highlight the sheer volume of LCR manufacturers who are already adopting principles of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

We have been fortunate enough to have already engaged with some of these firms, however we know that there are many other highly innovative SMEs within our region who have demand for such technologies. Some of these companies may have, in the past, shied away from innovation support and engagement either due to apprehension or due to lack of time. We are confident that this map and accompanying tools will demonstrate that our project is worthwhile, timely and fits into the appropriate timeline of SMEs.

Supply Chain Stakeholder Group

By adopting new technologies, developing new products and new processes, the Supply Chain Cluster Group will help you ensure your strengthen your position within the supply chain. The Group will identify opportunities and look at the challenges our local SMEs face meeting the demand of the OEM. 

Cyber Security Stakeholder Group

Working with LJMU’s PROTECT, experts in cyber security, this group is looking at the challenges industry face with implementation of the digital world.  If you would like to be involved in this group, please contact Lesley Lambert

Automotive Stakeholder Group

Looking at the challenges of the automotive industry, how can UK based automotive manufacturers be ahead of their European competitors? If you would like to be involved in this group, please contact Lesley Lambert.

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