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Page last updated: 17 January 2022

Mandatory wearing of face coverings 

Everyone must now wear face coverings, even when seated, when in communal spaces, such as offices, libraries, classrooms, and lecture theatres.

You may remove your mask only when sat alone and/or safely distanced from other people at a desk or study space (Although on occasion you may be requested to wear your mask)

We continue to provide free face coverings at reception points and expect everyone (other than approved exemptions) to comply.  It is important that everyone in our community does this to keep us all safe and minimise the spread of infection which will help us continue face-to-face teaching.

If you have concerns about people not wearing masks please report this to your course tutor or line manager.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing will not be required but on stairs and in crowded corridors we are asking that you keep to the left.

COVID testing 

Everyone should take a lateral flow test twice per week. By doing this you are respecting your colleagues and keeping everyone as safe as possible.

COVID vaccinations 

Everyone should take up the offer of a double vaccination and booster jab. This not only keeps you safe, but also protects people in our community who are vulnerable.

Update to Self-Isolation Policy

From Tuesday 14 December people who are identified as a close contact of a positive COVID-19 case (regardless of the variant) and are double vaccinated, will not be required to self-isolate but will be required to take a Lateral Flow device (LFD) every day for 7 days. If any of the LFD tests are positive, you should start to isolate. A PCR test should be undertaken if you also have symptoms. If you are required to take a PCR test, you should self-isolate until the results of the PCR test are known.

A positive test means you will be required to self-isolate for between 6 and 10 days, depending on your situation, with the 10 days beginning the day after you receive your positive result. For more information please see the government website for advice.

If the results of the PCR are negative, you should continue to carry out an LFD test until the end of the original 7 day period.

If you are unvaccinated and classed as a close contact of a positive COVID-19 case, you will be required to self-isolate for 10 days.

For advice and guidance on any matters relating to COVID-19 please contact the Covid Support team via email at or by phone on 0151 231 3668.

Forward Look 

Our intention is to deliver ‘business as usual’ during this academic year with face-to-face teaching and we expect all of our students to be in Liverpool for the start and continuation of their studies.

This is a plan underpinned with a great deal of complex contingency arrangements which will be communicated and deployed across the university should we find ourselves in a position where the Government changes their guidance and restrictions meaning a switch to on-line for any period of time.

As part of protecting our community we are also strongly encourage everyone to get vaccinated.

Updated 17 January 2022

Updated self-isolation policy

Updated 23 December 2021

Updated section on self-isolation in line with government changes. 

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Updated self-isolation policy

Updated 13 December 2021

Updated self-isolation policy

Updated 2 December 2021

Updated rules regarding wearing of masks

Updated 30 November 2021

Added new section: Travelling from red list countries