Students sitting outside


The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way that the university operates. The extended period of lockdown has proven that virtual meetings on a broad scale are both possible and sustainable. Virtual meetings can also operate from within the university, allowing staff to participate from their office and minimising travel between buildings.

No external visitors or events will be permitted on university premises without authorisation from IMT.

For the next academic year the following meeting protocol will be used for the meetings of the university committee structure:

  • All committee and panel meetings will take place via Teams
  • Chairs and support staff will be provided with support and training on the effective use of the technology
  • Staff can be located either within the workplace or externally depending on their work pattern.
  • All Boards of Examiners will operate virtually.
  • All validation events will operate virtually
Other meetings

Team/cross team/one to one meetings within the university can take place face to face, providing that an appropriate room can be booked within the constraints of the maximum safe capacity and seating plan. The meetings should be kept as short as possible. All staff attending are to be reminded of the key steps to reduce the risk (not shaking hands, washing hands immediately before and after meetings, maintain social distancing)

Appraisals can be conducted either virtually or face to face by mutual agreement, assuming that all of the safety measures are in place.

Most REF-related meetings will be conducted face to face in offices timetabled by Estates and Facilities Management and following the protocols outlined above.

Booking meeting rooms

For information on booking rooms for meetings, please see the Interim Room Booking Policy.