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Established in 2016, the research Group examines the experiences of veterans 

Based within the Centre for the Study of Crime, Criminalisation and Social Exclusion, the Reimagining Conflict: Pedagogy, Policy and Arts Group examines the experiences of veterans affected by conflict. Led by Dr Emma Murray, the Reimagining Conflict Group is an international consortium of universities, charities, NGOs, practitioners and artists.


Examining the experience of veterans

Thanks to the Group's multidisciplinary membership, Reimagining Conflict's expertise is varied and includes: criminology of war, narrative methodologies, socially engaged arts practice, veterans and sociology, co-design and production techniques, conflict identities and social/criminal justice policy, digital technologies and critical pedagogies of war.

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Committed to veteran's rights, welfare and justice 

The Reimagining Conflict Group addresses the problems of war in the 21st century and has a particular focus on the lived experiences of those affected by war. Members seek to understand experiences of conflict in ways that remain committed to the rights, welfare and justice of their subjects.

Starting from the premise that experiences of conflict require new forms of thinking and analysis, our research adopts innovative and novel narrative, visual and sensual methods to critically engage with war and justice from the margins.

For example, members use cutting edge co-design models and participatory-based approaches to engage with communities who have experienced conflict and post-conflict environments before employing interdisciplinary analytical techniques.

This unique approach will empower communities, effect policy and break new ground in determining issues affecting communities today.