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LCR4 START: Strategies for digital adoption

LCR4What is it?

LCR4 START is a new European Regional Development Fund initiative, supporting Liverpool City Region SME business leaders and companies to gain a competitive edge through the development of practical strategies for effective digital adoption.  It will provide insight, guidance and demonstration of good practice to accelerate SMEs along their digital journey.

Building on the legacy of the exemplar LCR4.0 project, also financed by the European Regional Development Fund, which supported over 300 SMEs delivering a gross impact of at least £55m in GVA and 1,185 jobs created (Hatch Regeneris 2019). The new LCR4 START project has outputs that include ‘recommendations for how an organisation can implement digital technologies’ to accelerate their journey and develop smarter products, processes and supply chains.  This will give SMEs in the LCR the ammunition and knowledge to give confidence so that they can innovate and grow through the adoption of digital solutions.

What it can do?

LCR4 START - preparing your business today for tomorrows challenges

Through the delivery of the project aims:

  • To provide competitive insight for ownership and leadership of an effective digital strategy.
  • Bringing the expertise and industrial experience of four Liverpool City Region research centres to bear on practical industrial problems and will show companies the potential and limitations of technological solutions.
  • Help companies identify opportunities for gains, growth and savings, supporting each company to develop and deliver their own digital strategy.
  • Help companies prepare for future new technologies.

LCR4 START will help you to:

  • Raise your digital awareness – through a digital business assessment, case study and technology demonstration
  • Define your digital priorities – through diagnostics and digital fitness assessment informed by your business priorities and opportunities.
  • Become involved in digital support networks – including signposting to relevant contacts and complimentary programmes of support and investment from third parties across the North West City Region, such as Made Smarter.
  • Plan your digital roadmap by structuring, thinking and focusing on what digital can do for your business – planning your path to successful digital change.

Who is it for?

To access the programme companies have to fit the following criteria:

  • Liverpool City Region based
  • SME
  • Interested in developing digital strategy in business and have time to out into the project
  • Operate within the following sectors (but not limited to): manufacturing, professional services, health, energy, visitor economy

For further information about the project visit the LCR4 START website.


Clean Growth UK Taster Workshop

Date: 8 September 2020
Time: 9:30 am to 10:30 am
Online virtual platform: MS Teams
Price: Free 

LJMU Contacts:

Anthony Walker
Strategic Manager – email me

David Evans
Business Engagement Officer – email me

Lesley Lambert
Industry Academic Liaison Officer – email me

Eve Money
Monitoring Support Officer – email me

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