John Lennon Building


Research Centre for Liverpool School of Art and Design

A world-leading centre for artistic, technological and transdisciplinary research

Operating from the heart of Liverpool School of Art and Design’s John Lennon Building in the city that Carl Jung dreamt to be ‘the pool of life’, ART LABS hosts inquisitive and creative researchers from around the world: all teaching, all learning, all working together for a better future.

What is ART LABS?

As Liverpool’s international flagship for cultural and creative research, ART LABS is a collective network of artistic research and technologies laboratories, supported and linked by the ART LABS Centre, directed by Professor John Hyatt. We partner with Liverpool’s art organisations, businesses and communities and collaborate with exemplary international institutions. To get an idea of the type of work we're involved in, take a look at some of our current projects.


  • Develops useful knowledge through research and innovative creative practices
  • Stretches technologies
  • Imagines and realises visions
  • Connects and defines the future of disciplines
  • Grows sustainable, emergent and regenerative social forms
  • Plays a proactive role in the enhancement of wealth and wellbeing
  • Welcomes civic and research collaborations
  • Reflects, reviews and evolves

Expertise focuses on:

Contemporary art
3D digital art and applications in the real world
The uses of art and cultural enrichment
Exhibitions and curatorship
Design discourse and practice
Transdisciplinary experimentation