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The Group conducts research into the criminal justice system and examines how the system operates within society.

More specifically, members from the Criminal Justice Research Group undertake research into the following key specialisms:

  • Resettlement practices and procedures in privately run prisons
  • Privatisation within the probation service
  • Reoffending
  • Veterans, mental disorder and criminal justice
  • Tackling cannabis cultivation
  • Sexual consent
  • The form and function of violent crime in the early nineteenth-century

Currently, researchers from the Group are working on a European and Social Research Council project alongside the University of Sheffield. This project was established to examine the privatisation of the probation serve.

As part of this project, researchers will attend and observe management meetings, collect and analyse policy documents and conduct interviews with staff, recording this profound development in criminal justice and, more broadly, the process of 'outsourcing' a public service.

As part of a European Union funded project, researchers from the Criminal Justice Research Group are examining how to reduce reoffending. This work, which has been underway since 2012, is due to culminate in a 250-person plus conference in November 2015. Over the three-year period researchers have facilitated six action learning sets, which have discussed best practise regarding reducing reoffending. A final report for the European Union will also be produced.

In addition to this work, researchers from the Criminal Justice Research Group are also working on phase two of a sexual consent project. Phase one developed a sexual consent campaign to raise awareness and educate young men on sexual activity, consent, intoxication and the law of rape. This phase informed a Liverpool-wide campaign, which ran in 2012 and was ranked as having a 3* impact within the most recent research assessment (Research Excellence Framework 2014).

Phase two focuses on inappropriate sexual touching. As a result of this research, a campaign has been initiated addressing this issue and a post-campaign research report will be produced for Liverpool City Council.

Case studies

When Liverpool City Council looked to develop a media campaign aimed at raising awareness around alcohol-involved sexual assault, they turned to the Criminal Justice Research Group to help shape its content.
Read the case study: Alcohol and sexual assault – educating the public on the law of rape

There is an estimated 14,000-20,000 veterans in prison or on probation in the UK. Research within the Criminal Justice Research Group has uncovered the need for a platform where marginalised voices and alternative perspectives on the topic of veteran offenders,and veteran affairs in general, could be heard.
Read the case study: Battling the silence

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