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  • A chronicle of galaxy mass assembly in the EAGLE simulation

    Qu Y, Helly JC, Bower RG, Theuns T, Crain RA, Frenk CS, Furlong M, McAlpine S, Schaller M and Schaye J and White SDM

    Publish date:2017

  • A high fraction of Be stars in young massive clusters: evidence for a large population of near-critically rotating stars

    Bastian N, Cabrera-Ziri I, Niederhofer F, de Mink S, Georgy C, Baade D, Correnti M and Usher C and Romaniello M

    Publish date:2017

  • Adapting astronomical source detection software to help detect animals in thermal images obtained by unmanned aerial systems

    Longmore SN, Collins RP, Pfeifer S, Fox SE, Mulero-Pazmany M, Bezombes F, Goodwin A, Ovelar MDJ and Knapen JH and Wich SA

    Publish date:2017

  • ALMA survey of massive cluster progenitors from ATLASGAL Limited fragmentation at the early evolutionary stage of massive clumps

    Csengeri T, Bontemps S, Wyrowski F, Motte F, Menten KM, Beuther H, Bronfman L, Commercon B, Chapillon E, Duarte-Cabral A, Fuller GA, Henning T, Leurini S, Longmore S, Palau A, Peretto N, Schuller F, Tan JC, Testi L and Traficante A and Urquhart JS

    Publish date:2017

  • An analysis of star formation with Herschel in the Hi-GAL Survey: II. the tips of the Galactic bar

    Veneziani M, Schisano E, Elia D, Noriega-Crespo A, Carey S, Di Giorgio A, Fukui Y, Maiolo BMT, Maruccia Y, Mizuno A, Mizuno N, Molinari S, Mottram JC, Moore TJT, Onishi T, Paladini R, Paradis D, Pestalozzi M, Pezzuto S, Piacentini F, Plume R and Russeil D and Strafella F

    Publish date:2017

  • Angular momentum evolution of galaxies over the past 10-Gyr: A MUSE and KMOS dynamical survey of 400 star-forming galaxies from z=0.3-1.7

    Swinbank M, Harrison C, Trayford J, Schaller M, Smail I, Schaye J, Theuns T, Smit R, Alexander D, Bacon R, Bower R, Contini T, Crain R, Breuck CD, Decarli R, Epinat B, Fumagalli M, Furlong M, Galametz A, Johnson H, Lagos C, Richard J, Vernet J, Sharples R and Sobral D and Stott J

    Publish date:2017