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GERI's staff publish widely in a range of leading international journals.

Although GERI's researchers conduct applied research, researchers from the Institute also disseminate their work via international publications. Many of GERI's publications are created in collaboration with workers from other institutions from around the world and a great many of these publications enjoy a very high citation rate.

If you would like to discuss any of our publications with us, or feel that a particular paper might be relevant in solving a problem you have, please do not hesitate to contact the authours within GERI for further details.

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  • A digital process optimization, process design and process informatics system for high-energy abrasive mass finishing

    Jamal M and Morgan MN and Peavoy D

    Publish date:2017

  • Adapting astronomical source detection software to help detect animals in thermal images obtained by unmanned aerial systems

    Longmore SN, Collins RP, Pfeifer S, Fox SE, Mulero-Pazmany M, Bezombes F, Goodwin A, Ovelar MDJ and Knapen JH and Wich SA

    Publish date:2017

  • Carbon nanoparticles fabricated by infrared laser ablation of graphite and polycrystalline diamond targets

    Dudek M, Rosowski A, Koperkiewicz A, Grobelny J, Wach R, Sharp M, French P and Janasz L and Kozanecki M

    Publish date:2017

  • Characterization of Atomic Surface Roughness in Nanometric Machining Molecular Dynamics (MD) Simulations

    Oluwajobi AO and Chen X

    Publish date:2017

  • Comparative analysis of cutting properties and nature of wear of carbide cutting tools with multi-layered nano-structured and gradient coatings produced by using of various deposition methods

    Grigoriev SN, Vereschaka AA, Fyodorov SV and Sitnikov NN and Batako AD

    Publish date:2017

  • Delamination and longitudinal cracking in multi-layered composite nano-structured coatings and their influence on cutting tool life

    Vereschaka AA, Grigoriev SN and Sitnikov NN and Batako AD

    Publish date:2017