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  • A Mobile Lifelogging Platform to Measure Anxiety and Anger During Real-Life Driving

    Dobbins C and Fairclough S

    Publish date:2017

  • A proposed quantitative methodology for the evaluation of the effectiveness of Human Element, Leadership and Management (HELM) training in the UK

    Saeed F, Wall A, Roberts C and Riahi R and Bury A

    Publish date:2017

  • Clustering Techniques for Data Analysis and Data Completion of Monitored Structural Responses of an Offshore Floating Structure

    Panapakidis I and Michailides C and Angelides D

    Publish date:2017

  • Exploring Wearable Devices for Unobtrusive Stress Monitoring

    Harris B, Dobbins C and Fairclough S and Lisboa P

    Publish date:2017

  • The effect of task demand and incentive on neurophysiological and cardiovascular markers of effort.

    Fairclough SH and Ewing K

    Publish date:2017

  • Turbulent-turbulent transient flow in a transitionally rough regime

    Seddighi M and He S

    Publish date:2017