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Cell Technology

FHEQ7 , 20 credits

Course aims

Provides an understanding of cell culture as a technological component of aspects of biological research and commercial exploitation.

Course length

Study mode is part-time by attendance for one half day for one semester. Intake is every January.

Learning outcomes

After completing the module students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an advanced understanding of the applications of cell technology and critically discuss the techniques used in culturing animal cells
  2. Critically discuss the principles involved in the commercial production of therapeutic agents from cells
  3. Analyse, interpret and critically discuss data relating to cell technology
  4. Critically evaluate methods which are commonly used in plant cell culture

The assessment item list is assessed via the learning outcomes listed:

  • Examination (outcomes 1, 2 and 4)
  • Report (outcomes 3 and 4)
Learning activities

The course is delivered via a combination of lectures and practical classes.


One half day at LJMU for one semester.

Outline syllabus
  • Animal cell culture methods and factors necessary for the maintenance and growth of cells in culture
  • Design of culture facilities
  • Safety issues
  • Genetic engineering of animal cells: infection, expression vectors, immortalised cell lines, transgenic animals
  • Animal cell products and commercialisation
  • Plant cell culture and commercial products derived from plant cells
  • Protein expression and processing. Scale-up, bioreactors, process control and downstream processing
Course fees


Entry requirements

Students will be employer sponsored and are likely to have a science BSc. Each application will be treated individually in order to determine whether or not the student is likely to be able to deal with the level and materials covered in the module.

How to apply

Please apply using the postgraduate online application form

Further information

Dr Mark Murphy, Course Leader
0151 231 2885
Email: M.F.Murphy@ljmu.ac.uk

Mark Prosser, Programme Administrator
0151 231 2233
Email: M.A.Prosser@ljmu.ac.uk

The University may make changes to a programme of study or module where such changes are deemed to be beneficial to students, are minor in nature and unlikely to impact negatively upon students or become necessary due to circumstances beyond the control of the University.

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