Healthy Eating

Healthy eating

A healthy lifestyle contributes positively to sustainability.

We all know that regular exercise and a good diet have a positive effect on our health but they also contribute to sustainability:

  • Healthy eating makes physical activity easier. The more active we are the more we support and increase the demand for cycling, walking and outdoor green spaces.
  • Buying local produce means we get fresher food, support our local economy and reduce the need for products that require longer journeys for delivery.
  • Local produce often comes in less packaging, reducing our use of plastics.
  • Healthier eating means there is less chance of developing medical complications. This makes our population a more sustainable one.
How we are promoting healthy and sustainable food

LJMU and JMSU have had Fairtrade status since 2006, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable development and to ensuring a fairer deal for marginalised producers around the world.

Staff and students can find Fairtrade produce on sale across our campuses and it is used by our catering team when supplying food for meetings and events within the university.

LJMU also works closely with Love Food Hate Waste and Liverpool Food People (a co-lead of the Knowledge Quarter Sustainability Network along with us).