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It’s never too young to start thinking about a career connected to the sea. Whether you’re interested in working off shore, on shore or on board we can help you achieve your career goals.

If you are between 14 and 16 and looking to make career choices connected to the maritime industries or between16 and 19 and looking for an apprenticeship in logistics, our Maritime Superskills partners are here to support you.

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A career in the maritime industry can extend onshore into vital shore-based ship management roles and a whole host of other related jobs. Some of these include ship superintendent, ports services and management, marine surveyor and ship broker.

Many of the jobs connected to the port fall within the logistics sector. This is the planning and movement of goods and is an aspect of Supply Chain Management. Most of the jobs that will come as a direct result of the growth of the Port of Liverpool will be in logistics and will involve the movement of goods to and from the port by rail, road and air.

The port is also a trans-shipment centre which means that many containers taken off ships never leave the port but are reloaded on to a different ship to continue on to another destination such as Northern Europe or even as far afield as China.

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