Our People

As we celebrate our Bicentenary in 2023, we shine a light on 200 of the many thousands of outstanding people, from the earliest days of the Mechanics Institute in 1823 up to this very moment, who have shaped and been shaped by this university.


  1. Abbie Romano

    Abbie is a senior research engineer at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) having spent nine years studying at LJMU. A last-minute switch from studying pharmacy to civil engineering has seen her career take a whole different direction.


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  2. Adam Vasco

    Adam is a former education lecturer who progressed LJMU’s links with underrepresented Black communities in Liverpool, giving them confidence to seek out higher education opportunities.


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  3. Aldham Robarts

    Aldham Robarts, an Honorary Fellow, trustee and passionate supporter of the university. Two out of LJMU’s three library spaces are named after Aldham and his wife Avril who generously made donations towards the building of both key student spaces after the incorporation of the university in the early ’90s.


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  4. Alex Brooker

    Alex Brooker is an LJMU alumni and Honorary Fellow. He is a role model and inspiration for people of all ages and backgrounds, but particularly for those with disabilities, as he himself was born with hand, arm and leg disabilities. He has attained huge success as a journalist and is renowned as a writer and television presenter.


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  5. Alexandra Bahor

    Alexandra has been a friend of LJMU since 2015 when she moved to the UK, and alongside her own studies, she has played a key role in forging a relationship between the university and the growing Roma community in the city. Raising the aspirations of Roma women, and men, through her own grit and determination to challenge injustices.


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  6. Alexandria Jones

    Alexandria is the 2023/24 Vice President for Community and Wellbeing at Liverpool at John Moores Students’ Union (JMSU) and is advocating for students’ mental health concerns to continue to be a key focus of the university’s support services.


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  7. Angela Samata

    Angela was awarded an LJMU Honorary Fellowship in 2018 for her tireless work as a mental health campaigner, speaking out and challenging the stigma of suicide. She’s previously been named Merseyside’s Woman of the Year for her work surrounding bereavement and mental health, presented the BAFTA nominated BBC documentary ‘Life after Suicide’ and recently delivered a TEDx Talk. She is hoping to return to LJMU later this year, in 2023, as she begins an MA in Psychotherapy.


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  8. Anyika Onuora

    Anyika graduated in economics from LJMU in 2008 and was in the very first class of scholars in the Sports Scholarship programme that launched in 2004. She went on to become an Olympic-winning track and field athlete.


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  9. Arthur Hyatt

    As a craft, design and technology student of the then Liverpool Polytechnic in the 1980s, Arthur designed a special mace for use at graduation ceremonies and became the first mace bearer.


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  10. Ave McKimmie

    Ave is undertaking her master’s in pharmacy at LJMU and is one of thousands of students who travel from different parts of the UK to study in Liverpool. It’s not always easy adjusting to life away from home, but Ave like so many others, has embraced the city and made new friends.


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  11. Bas Pilar

    Bas moved from Spain to study in Liverpool after friendship with the online gaming community brought him to the city. Since then, he has become an award-winning engineering student and is making a difference to the energy sector by creating ways to heat homes and buildings more efficiently.


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  12. Beth Tweddle

    Beth graduated with a degree in sports science in 2007 and was in the very first class of scholars in the Sports Scholarship programme that launched in 2004. She is renowned as Britain’s greatest-ever female gymnast.


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  13. Brian Leveson

    Sir Brian Leveson, perhaps best known for his outstanding contribution to the legal profession and leading the Leveson Inquiry into ethics within the UK media, was the fifth Chancellor of LJMU serving in the role for eight years from 2013 to 2021.


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  14. Bryan Briggs

    Bryan is the Director of Bluecoat, Liverpool’s contemporary Arts centre, a working home for artists, and a place where audiences can experience art in new ways. As a fine art graduate of the polytechnic, he never imagined he’d one day be running one of Liverpool’s oldest and most well-known galleries.


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