Liverpool Business Clinic

Liverpool Business Clinic

Providing a range of support options to SMEs, multi-nationals, start-ups and not for profit organisations in the Liverpool city region.

If you are looking to expand, take your business in a new direction, or perhaps just need support with a skills gap, then read on.

This year we understand how there will be a greater need for organisations to rethink their business operations and future planning. Now is the right moment to conduct the ‘what is’, ‘what if we?’, ‘how could we?’ and even ‘should we?’ types of studies and research - to help plan for new business opportunities.

Working closely with our team of academic staff from Liverpool Business School, students from both our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, work in consultancy project teams to tackle real problems brought to them by businesses, our clients. Our students can provide research and genuine innovative and fresh approach solutions to all types of problems and challenges.

Last year the Business Clinic saw over 180 students provide a service to over 45 organisations (public, private and third sector) across the region and beyond. This year we are looking to support over 100.

The business clinic consultancy project is now embedded into a range of programme across the business school:

Accounting, Business Management, Events Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Public Relations, Sport Business and Tourism Management.

At Liverpool Business School we are proud to provide a first-rate teaching and learning environment backed by research and scholarship which is central to the School ethos, as is delivering practical business solutions to local, national and international businesses.

Get involved

We understand that each request will be very specific to your business needs. In the first instance we ask you to send an email to  outlining your initial ideas, please do include your business name, website address and a contact telephone number.