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Starting off or moving up the career ladder, the health and social care sector offers exciting opportunities for our graduates.

If you're considering a career in health or social care, you probably already know deep down that it's the right way forward for you. You can imagine the wonderful feeling that accompanies the day-to-day, knowing that you’ll be making a difference to patients, service users and their families. It’s what makes health and social care unique as a truly fulfilling career.

The rewards come in other ways too. Health and social care offers job opportunities and security that can’t be found in other sectors. Nurses and allied health professionals are in demand in the UK and across the world.

When you receive your nursing, midwifery or paramedic qualification from Liverpool John Moores University you can expect to earn an annual salary of between £21,909 and £28,462 within the NHS (source: NHS Careers website). Social workers enjoy a starting salary of £26,302.

Graduates will be eligible to register with professional bodies such as the Health and Care Professions Council (HPCP) and the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

The School offers qualified health and social care professionals the opportunity to enhance career progression prospects and develop professionally by undertaking one of our courses for qualified professionals.

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Lifelong learning for healthcare professionals

Healthcare practitioners are key to the success of the government’s vision for an effective seven-day NHS in England. The development of new roles and responsibilities combined with technological innovations mean that practitioners need to acquire new skills and competencies. LJMU offers a wide range of Continuous Professional Development courses to enable healthcare professionals to continue education and maintain post registration education and practice requirements as required by professional bodies.

Read the inspirational story of how Elaine Lyons went from a cleaner here at LJMU to a Royal Liverpool Hospital sister.

Career prospects by subject

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Continuing professional development (CPD)

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"Although I had many transferable skills from a previous career in the military, I have further gained confidence and enhanced my communication skills with patients and work peers. The course has allowed me to enhance my critical thinking - to utilise an evidence-based approach to the tasks I carry out, allowing me to be effective and competent in these aspects."

Kath Mitchinson, adult nursing student -
Kath joined LJMU as a mature student after serving more than ten years in the military in signalling and telecommunications.

How we'll help you achieve your dream career

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