School of Nursing and Allied Health facilities

"Health village" prepares students for real-world environments

We've invested £1.6 million in developing professional-standard clinical practice suites and enhanced teaching spaces.

It is essential that our future nursing and allied health professionals have access to the very best facilities.

At LJMU our practice suites and teaching spaces have benefited from recent investment to ensure students are provided with a learning environment that allows them to develop and practices skills using the latest equipment. We’ve created a “health village” that emulates a patient’s journey from a home environment to the ambulance setting then into A&E and through to rehabilitation.

Since no two patients are the same, neither are our virtual patients. We have a whole family of simulation mannequins that speak, breathe and show life signs. Students can practise on a range of lifelike patients of different ages, shapes and sizes and with different ailments and medical conditions.

These simulated environments are as close to real-world as possible, preparing students for the rigours and realism of actual practice.

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