How to use the virtual tour

Our virtual tour works in a similar way to Google Maps, however there are some useful icons to help you with your journey through our Faculty:

Play icon This button will play a brief snippet of the areas you can navigate through on your tour.

Person Icon Use this button to switch to a first-person view of the tour.

Floor Plan Icon This button will show you a birds-eye view of a floor you're touring, use it to fast travel to specific areas.

Floor Icon This button will allow you move between different floors on your tour.

There are a number of coloured icons you can select that will allow you interact with the tour:

Blue Mattertag The blue icon will show you information about the area of the tour you're currently in.

Red Mattertag The red icon when selected will show you a video.

Purple Mattertag The purple icon will allow you to navigate between the different buildings that make up the tour.

Green Mattertag The green icon will allow to fast-travel to different parts of the tour.

Take the virtual tour of the School of Psychology

Make your own way around the James Parsons Building and the Tom Reilly Building 

In the £26 million Tom Reilly Building, you’ll find psychology students recording brain activity with EEG and fNIRS and using virtual reality systems and a driving simulator to test out simulated activities.

Plus psychology students and research staff take advantage of:

  • Psychophysiology Lab: eye tracking and facial recognition software, game consoles, fNIR system (which monitors changes in cortical oxygenation and deoxygenation in the brain), GSR transducer sets, electro-oculogram amplifier (to record eye movements), evoked response equipment

  • Sensory and Affective Neuroscience Lab: Medoc Pathway Thermal Sensory Analyser used in pain studies, a Robotic Tactile Stimulator for research into affective touch, an olfactometer for smell research, microneurography capabilities used to record and microstimulate single sensory nerves innervating the skin

  • Driving simulator: driver console with steering wheel, brake, clutch and accelerator pedals, and a tester console with programming monitor

  • Appetite Research Lab: fully equipped food preparation kitchen and testing area

  • Human Performance Testing Lab: a dedicated general purpose laboratory for physiological measurements with associated software (EMG, EEG, ECG, GSR, blood flow, air flow, breathing rate, Chart 4.0 Analysis)