LJMU Chancellor welcomes scholars, Honorary Fellows and alumni to third Middle Temple celebration

Middle Temple

Over 110 LJMU scholars, Honorary Fellows and alumni came together at a special event in London’s historic Middle Temple last night, hosted by LJMU Chancellor and Honorary Fellow, Sir Brian Leveson.

The event was held in the unique surroundings of Middle Temple’s Great Hall – London’s finest example of an Elizabethan Hall. Middle Temple is one of the four Inns of Court that educate the UK’s barristers and leading lawyers and only at the explicit invitation of Sir Brian – who is also President of the Queen’s Bench – can the Hall be used in this way.

Traveling down from Liverpool especially for the occasion, the second and third year scholars spent the afternoon in London where they made the most of the University’s cultural partnership with the Tate Modern, visiting the gallery for free before heading to Middle Temple for an evening of music and mingling.

The University’s Chancellor, Sir Brian Leveson, said:

“This is the third group of students to have visited Middle Temple and I am delighted that by being here, they have experienced something of a different life that will make their time at LJMU even more memorable. The Honorary Fellows that joined us were able to give these young men and women an insight into their own lives as well as ideas to help the students decide what they want to do with their future, so that their university experience truly helps them achieve their ambitions.”

Although this was the third time scholars have experienced the prestigious occasion, it was the first time that some of the University’s alumni joined guests as the University has taken on a new focus on engaging its graduate community.

Middle Temple

Brothers, Domingo and Anton Rodriguez, both LJMU fashion graduates are pictured with Kerry Rickarby, the University’s new Alumni Engagement Manager

Honorary Fellow Dame Gillian Oliver, an international leader in cancer nursing and palliative care, commented: “This has been an amazing evening I’m particularly delighted to have met so many of our impressive scholars. This is a fantastic occasion for them and one I am sure they will remember for the rest of their lives. I hope they use this experience to help inspire the next generation of students to LJMU.”

The University’s Scholarship programme awards students on merit of recognising their achievements in community excellence, academia, volunteering and civic engagement. A new focus on community volunteering will soon be embedded into the role of an LJMU scholar to enhance their experience and impact on the city, as advocates of both the institution and the benefits of higher education.

Paige Currey, an Academic Scholar from Blackpool who is studying Forensic Science at LJMU, said: “I have always been interested in a career in Forensic Chemistry but coming to an event like this has opened my mind further to other professional opportunities in science. Tonight I met someone who works in the space industry who told me about other jobs relevant to my degree so this has been a valuable event to help broaden my mind to what I can do with my skills.”

Middle Temple

Chancellor, Sir Brian Leveson, addresses guests at Middle Temple

Jamal McKenzie was awarded a Community Excellence and Sports Scholarship in recognition of his work coaching rugby in his home town of Nottingham, as well as own sporting achievements playing international rugby league for Jamaica. Commenting at the event, he said: “My scholarship is important to me as someone who has long been involved in encouraging young people into sports careers – I spoke about it at the New Sport Trust Conference this year. This is a great event for me to discuss my interest in equality in the sports profession with leaders in other industries as well as students from different subjects and backgrounds.”


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