LJMU lecturer and terrorism expert advises Police on anti-terror policies

Bobbies on the beat

LJMU is proving to be a pioneering voice in shaping police policy around terrorism and protecting young people from radicalisation in the region.

Dr David Lowe, principal lecturer at the School of Law and leading expert on counter-terrorism has been working closely with Merseyside Police HQ, presenting at their recent Prevent Seminar, while assisting with guidance on law and policy issues more generally.

David’s presentation was based on the legal obligations under section 26 Counter-Terrorism & Security Act 2015, related to reporting vulnerable people being drawn into extremist and terrorist activity. David looked at the UK Government's current Counter-Extremism Strategy and the Counter-Extremism Bill that will be introduced to Parliament later this year.

The main focus of the presentation centred on the definition of non-violent extremism as this will be the main guide to staff in the relevant authorities under the statutory obligation in their decision making as to when they should report those who may be vulnerable to extremist and terrorist activity.

Dr David Lowe said about his involvement: “Prevent is about the police and relevant agencies helping those vulnerable or who feel disaffected and drawn to extremism activity. This is achieved by providing them with support in their domestic life, employment prospects and education without being drawn into the criminal justice system. By advising Merseyside Police on the legal obligations of the 2015 Counter-Terrorism & Security Act, I am providing guidance and assisting with the presentation of Prevent to the wider community. This is particularly important in light of recent events and the ongoing terror threat.” 


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