Royal Photographic Society award for Professor Wilkinson

Professor Wilkinson

Professor Caroline Wilkinson, Director of LJMU’s School of Art and Design, has received a prestigious award from the Royal Photographic Society (RPS).

Professor Wilkinson, world renowned for her work on the craniofacial analysis and depiction of Richard III, Mary, Queen of Scots and Robert Burns, has received the Combined Royal Colleges Award for her outstanding contribution to the advancement of medical photography or medical imaging.

The RPS recognised Professor Wilkinson as an ‘authority on facial reconstruction, often called on as an expert in the media, and a leading figure in facial anthropology and the developments used to reconstruct/identify individuals without DNA, fingerprints and dental records.’

The RPS Awards, established in 1878, are the longest and most prestigious photography awards in the world. They recognise exceptional photographers, scientists, curators, educators as well as those who have given exceptional service to The Royal Photographic Society.

Professor Wilkinson is accredited as a forensic anthropologist Level I (craniofacial specialism) by the Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI) and is an experienced forensic practitioner. She began her professional career as a medical artist and has an MPhil in Medical Art and a PhD in Facial Anthropology. Her work is exhibited in over 30 galleries and museums worldwide and she has had research collaborations with many high profile research institutes including the Max Planck Institute, the Fraunhofer Institute and the Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology. She is a keen advocate of art-science collaboration and is committed to increasing public awareness of this cross-disciplinary field. 

Photo credit: Nick Scott Photography/RPS

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