LJMU forges landmark partnership with Liverpool Medical Institution

Exterior of the Liverpool Medical Institute building

LJMU and LMI have signed a landmark five-year partnership, bringing together two of the City’s most prestigious organisations to tackle the health challenges of the 21st century. 

The partnership has three key aims: to support the professional community, to improve learning opportunities for students and to increase public engagement.

The institutions have a shared heritage and common values, both founded in the early 19th century to share knowledge with communities in the city. 

The partnership will help to progress professional training in medicine and wellbeing, boost educational engagement in the city, and protect and enhance the medical heritage of Liverpool.

LJMU Vice-Chancellor Professor Nigel Weatherill said: “Our two institutions share an aspiration to increase their integration into the educational fabric of the city, and to draw the healthcare community together to share knowledge and enhance professional practice.

“There is significant potential on that basis for a powerful and fruitful partnership speaking directly into the core purpose of both institutions.”

He added: “As LJMU seeks to prepare the next generation of healthcare professionals and scientists, this commitment extends beyond delivery of a formal programme and the knowledge and skills required by employers.

“Our ambition is to provide innovative opportunities for students to encounter perspectives and people beyond the classroom, which feed their curiosity, challenge their understanding and mature their outlook and approach.”

The LMI is a registered charity, with the purpose of creating an environment for furthering medical education and knowledge both within the medical community and in the general public.

LJMU will be contributing to the sustainability of LMI by programming lectures and meetings at their building on Mount Pleasant.

Image of the inside of a lecture theatre

Staff and students from nursing, public health, brain science and physiology departments will have the opportunity to work with LMI to discuss and develop new interdisciplinary practices.

There is also the potential to build on LMI’s existing commitment to outreach activity by creating engagement activities in schools that will leave a lasting legacy in the lives of pupils whatever career they choose.

Recently appointed LMI President, Professor Colm O’Mahony said: “The partnership is a significant event in the long history of the LMI.

“We are highly grateful for this marvellous opportunity to work with another organisation whose purpose is so complementary to our own.

“We believe that this partnership will reinvigorate LMI’s academic and educational activities and diversify and nourish our membership.

“We are excited to see what new collaborations can be made for the benefit of the students, the healthcare and scientific community and the general public of Liverpool.”

Images courtesy of LMI


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