Exhibition Research Lab presents: Printed Matter

Printed Matter

Exhibition Research Lab presents:

Printed Matter

1 October – 13 November 2019

Printed Matter is a series of inter-connected exhibitions that reflect the collaborative nature and global reach of printmaking, compiled and curated by Hannah Fray, Paul Davidson and Neil Morris, Printmaking staff at LJMU’s School of Art and Design.

This work explores the wide range of graphic possibilities inherent within contemporary printmaking. The common focus of these exhibitions is the investigation of the links between collaborative practice, visual quality, process and materials and how the interdependence of methods and processes inform the evolution of a singular artistic language. They explore different attitudes and practices in contemporary printmaking, that unique meeting place between inventive traditional process and experimental applications of image making. The individual interpretations and practices of these artists reflect the cultural characteristics, dilemmas and broad spectrum of current attitudes in a global arena. The artists involved investigate the nature of collaboration, partnership, and unfettered creativity and simultaneously emphasize creative partnership and questions the individuals authorship. Furthermore, they investigate how a sustainable regional practice can communicate in a unique fashion through exploring new and original strategies for exhibition and creative dialogue.

‘Printed Matter’ represents artists from England, Germany, Morocco, Iceland, Greece, Spain, Serbia, Japan, Mexico, Australia, British Columbia and the USA.

The project is supported by Liverpool John Moores University.Exhibition List


1 October – 11 October

A Liverpool Bestiary

A Liverpool Bestiary displays a response from a wide range of practitioners to a medieval collection of stories. It provides physical and allegorical descriptions of real or imaginary animals, along with an interpretation of the moral significance each animal was thought to embody.


14 October – 21 October

Printed Matter

Printed Matter showcases a series of collaborative works between Praxis Studio, London, University of Iceland, University of Salford, University of Fortworth, Texas and artists from UK, Greece and Mexico. The work encompasses new and found material, from postcards to screenprints. Elements of these postcards have been utilized to make larger scale prints creating an imagined landscape.


24 October – 13 November

Deep Black and Global Echo

Deep Black and Global Echo is a response from institutions and individual practitioners from USA, Australia, British Columbia, Africa and Europe. This body of work realises and brings to question Printmaking nationally and internationally inviting debate as to the current state of pr


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