Advice for staying safe

Liverpool is a safe UK city and has been awarded Purple Flag status. Places awarded the status are recognised for responsibly providing a vibrant mix of entertainment while promoting the safety and wellbeing of visitors and local residents. However, like in any city around the world, crime does unfortunately occur. We hope that your time at LJMU will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience but it pays to be aware of your personal safety.

The University has uniformed security staff available 24 hours a day across all our campus sites. If you see or hear anything suspicious or are concerned about your own personal safety, or that of your friends, then telephone the University Emergency number on 2222 from any LJMU phone or 0151 231 2222 from your mobile/non-LJMU phone.

LJMU also has its own University Police Officer, PC Martin Triggs, who aims to reduce incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour in and around the University, while also helping to build positive relationships between students, staff and the local community. PC Triggs provides a friendly and approachable service to students. If you want to contact PC Martin Triggs you can email him here:
Top tips for staying safe
Going out:

  • If you and your friends are having drinks before you go out, make sure you have something to eat as well. You’ll thank yourself for it the day after!
  • Look after each other while you are out. Never leave your drink unattended and never accept a drink from someone you don't know.
  • Pace yourself drinking and remember that if you are on licensed premises and try to get a drink for a friend who has had way too much to drink you could be fined up to £1000 visit for more info.

Keeping your stuff safe:

  • Record your mobile IMEI number (a unique ID code located on a strip normally found behind the battery of the handset). Have you registered your phones, tablets and other valuables with Immobilise yet?:
  • Use your mobile devices discretely and safely.
  • Be mindful of your safety at cash points.
  • Keep your cards, phone, cash etc. safely in a bag or secure jacket pocket and make sure you keep these close to you when you are out.

Getting home:

  • Try to avoid walking by yourself late at night; walk with friends and ensure everybody gets home safely. If you do decide to walk home avoid doing so alone and stick to busier, well-lit streets.
  • If you decide to go off with someone make sure you let people know where you’re going and who with.
  • Don't get in the first cab you see - always use licensed taxi drivers- black taxis which can be hailed on the street and private taxis (ordinary cars) which must be pre-booked.


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