#IDPD2019 - new development opportunities for staff


LJMU to launch new Mental Health Awareness development opportunities for all staff in January 2020.

Today is International Day of People with Disabilities - that celebrates the diversity of a global community, promotes understanding and learning from people’s experiences, with the purpose of creating accepting and inclusive societies.

Maintaining mental health and wellbeing is a priority for our university community and we are committed to raising mental health awareness through a robust provision of development opportunities for all staff. 

In addition to the Mental Health First Aid Certificate currently offered, new staff development opportunities also accredited by MHFA England will be available:

  • MHFA Higher Education Champion award - one day workshop that focuses on the student, which includes information on diagnosed conditions and how to support a student in a mental health crisis
  • MHFA Adult Champion award - one day workshop to equip staff with the skills and confidence to identify if a colleague is stressed and to know how and when to offer support
  • MHFA Aware - half day introductory workshop, with a focus on tackling stigma and empowering staff to access other wellbeing initiatives and support

If you completed a Mental Health First Aid Certificate a year or so ago, you can now refresh your knowledge and update your skills with the newly launched half day Mental Health Refresher skills workshop, this combines presentations, exercises and group discussion.

Further details will be available on the LDF webpage


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