Health advice - mumps

Health advice - mumps

We are aware of a couple of LJMU students being diagnosed with mumps in the last few days.

The most common symptoms of mumps are fever, headache, swelling and tenderness of glands in one or both sides of the neck and a runny nose and eyes, sore throat and ear ache.

If you have those symptoms, you are advised to stay away from university and/or work for at least five days after your symptoms first developed. 

Mumps is infectious for several days before the facial swelling until several days after it appears.

We recommend that all students ensure you have had the appropriate two doses of the MMR vaccination.

If you have not had two doses, or are unsure of whether or not you have had them, please check with your GP.

If you are not currently registered with a doctor, you should do so immediately

It is never too late to get vaccinated.



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