Campaigning for Inclusion, Equality, Freedom & Justice: LJMU LGBT History Month Event 2019

LJMU’s Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Team in collaboration with the LJMU LGBTIQ+ Staff Network, presented an opportunity for all LJMU staff, students and members of the local community to attend this year’s Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans (LGBT) History Month Event (2019). The theme was “Intersectionality of Race, Gender & Class: Campaigning for Inclusion, Equality, Freedom & Justice”, with keynote speaker Lady Phyll (Executive Director & Co-Founder of UK Black Pride).

Lady Phyll prides herself on being a passionate activist who commits to working diligently to make people aware of on-going inequalities and injustices facing the Black LGBT+ community. She has worked tirelessly to build up UK Black Pride by bringing together artists, activists, volunteers and supporters from across the LGBT+ community. Lady Phyll commented on the event:

“I felt honoured and privileged to have been given this opportunity to speak at Liverpool John Moores University, for their LGBT History Month Event and amplify the work I do with trade unions, UK Black Pride, and grassroots community organising. I’m also proud to belong to a community of people – whether that’s Black, Women, LGBT+, Disabled or trade unionist – that has recognised the need to protect people, whether we are asylum seekers, fellow workers, or simply life’s travellers.”

Moni Akinsanya, LJMU Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager said:

“It was great to see a packed audience of staff, students and prominent people from our communities join us to hear Lady Phyll speak on the subject of “Intersectionality of Race, Gender & Class: Campaigning for Inclusion, Equality, Freedom & Justice”. It was in fact more special as some of those in attendance have campaigned for social justice and battled for inclusion all their lives. Lady Phyll drew on her own experience of discrimination to reinforce key salient truths. The talk itself and the question time debate that followed reinforced the fact that we will have to keep the subject of inclusivity not just on the agenda but high up to successfully celebrate both what we have in common and our differences.”

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