Policy Updates

Updates to policies

The Student Social Media Statement has been updated and is now available in the Policy Centre. This is relevant to all LJMU students.

The ESIF Document Retention Policy 2014-2020 and the ESIF Data Protection Policy 2014-2020 have both received minor updates. These are relevant to all LJMU staff involved in ESIF funding.

The following Health, Safety and Environment Codes of Practice have been updated and created:

SCP6 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH)

This updated document sets out the University’s general policy and guidance to prevent harm to people from effects of hazardous substances and provides instructions to staff on complying with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH).

 If hazardous substances are used, you must:

  • Undertake a risk assessment of any work activities involving substances that are hazardous to health
  • Provide measures to eliminate or reduce risks, as far as is reasonably practicable
  • Implement measures to ensure regular maintenance, examination and testing of both equipment and procedures are undertaken
  • Implement monitoring
  • Provide information and training to employees, students and anyone else who may be potentially exposed
  • Keep records  
  • Provide equipment and procedures to deal with accidents and emergencies
  • Ensure suitable warning notices are provided 

Guidance is provided for biological risks, waste disposal, use of human tissue in research and for nanotechnologies.

SCP38 Working at Height

SCP38 is primarily aimed at staff supervising or planning work at height, to enable them to ensure that:

  • All work at height is properly planned and organised
  • All work at height takes account of weather conditions that could endanger health and safety
  • Those involved in work at height are trained and competent
  • The place where work at height is done is safe
  • Equipment for work at height is appropriately inspected
  • The risks from fragile surfaces are properly controlled; and
  • The risks from falling objects are properly controlled

SCP48 Food Safety and Hygiene is a new Code of Practice

This Code of Practice describes the governance for all food handling at the University.  It applies to food supplied by in-house Hospitality and Catering outlets, external companies using University premises, third party contractors, societies and charitable events and food prepared for teaching and research. It does not apply to purchased or prepared food brought onto University premises by individuals for their own consumption.

SCP48 will help to enhance food safety and hygiene standards by ensuring that all food supplied to, or delivered within and by the University is produced, stored, handled and transported in accordance with relevant legislative requirements.

Polices are available on the Policy Centre.

For queries relating to policies please email policies@ljmu.ac.uk


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