Graduation review: Monday 8 July 2019

Graduands and guests outside Liverpool Cathedral - Graduation 2019

Graduation week kicked off in the sunshine at Liverpool Cathedral today as we celebrated with students from the Schools of Natural Sciences and Psychology and Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences.

Image of Rod Hill - Graduation 2019During the ceremony, an Ambassador Fellowship was conferred on Rod Hill. Rod received the award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the sustained success of the university. In his acceptance speech, Rod paid tribute to the hard work of staff and students and expressed his thanks for the times he spent at LJMU.

Image of Alexandra Seddon - Graduation 2019Alexandra Seddon, Postdoctoral Research Assistant in the School of Natural Sciences and Psychology, celebrated with her colleagues as she received her PhD at Liverpool Cathedral.

Alexandra's PhD was entitled Media Multitasking and Executive Functioning in Young Adults.

Alex explained:

“I began my PhD at LJMU in December 2015; I decided to undertake this research programme as I was fascinated by the relevance of the topic and was fortunate to be awarded a funded studentship.

My PhD focused on how multitasking with media relates to one’s ability to control attention, update and manipulate information in working memory, generate abstract thought and switch between mental sets (cognitive flexibility). In terms of undertaking my PhD here, I not only expanded my research skills, but also gained a lot from the support, guidance and friendship on offer, from both my supervisory team and fellow PhD researchers. I am grateful to my director of studies Dr Anna Law and the rest of my supervisory team, Dr Anne-Marie Adams and Dr Fiona Simmons, for their continued advice, direction and bonhomie throughout the process of the PhD.

In the lead up to the completion of my PhD, I was eager to explore different academic avenues where I could broaden my skills and this was vital in leading me to postdoctoral contractual research work.

Shortly after my PhD viva (2 days post), I started working as a postdoctoral researcher on the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Senior Employment Advisors and Employment Advisors training programmes. My role consists of the design and implementation of evaluations of the training programmes, utilising both quantitative and qualitative methods, producing research reports to inform programme improvements as well as academic publications. In regards to the programme, I am grateful to James Evans and Karen Rea for taking a chance on a ‘fresh from PhD’ researcher to work on a complex multi-organisational project. I would also like to thank my postdoctoral research mentor Dr Grahame Smith for his advice, whilst I got to grips with the role.”

Natural Sciences and Psychology PhDs graduands - Graduation 2019

Alex celebrated with six of her Natural Sciences and Psychology colleagues who also received PhDs today (pictured left to right) Kate Slade, Sharon Smith, Andrea Piovesan, Alex, Connor Haggarty, Tasmeen Patel, Andrew Marshall.


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