Black History Month Lecture reaches over 100 pupils!

In honour of Black History Month, LJMU Outreach joined forces with the LJMU History Department to deliver a bespoke lecture entitled "Toppling statues and renaming building" | The Black Lives Matter Movement and the History of Slavery.

The lecture itself was delivered by Dr Andrea Livesey who is a lecturer in slavery and US history at LJMU.  She has published on slavery in the United States and has provided commentary for BBC radio, the Guardian, and other media outlets on the memory of slavery in the UK and the US.   

A main focus of Andrea's lecture was on the Black Lives Matter movement which has, in recent months, led to a resurgence of discussion around Britain's involvement in the Transatlantic slave trade and how this should be remembered. Events in the UK (such as the toppling of Colston's statue in Bristol, and calls to rename streets in Liverpool) have generally mirrored those in the United States, where there has been a widespread removal of monuments to people with links to slavery.

The lecture was accessed by over 100 pupils aged between 14-18 years and who attend schools across England, Jersey and Wales.

Stacie Harper, History Teacher at King David School  commented " Thank you for the talk, it was really insightful. We are watching from King David in Liverpool and the legacy of the slave trade is something we are discussing in school. Thank you for the resource ideas too"

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