Having trouble logging in?

Here are some common scenarios and what you can do if you have difficulty logging in during the Christmas Break.

1. I reset my password recently and can’t remember what I set it to

Visit our User accounts and security page and follow the steps in ‘Resetting a Forgotten Password’ – you will need your LJMU student/staff card and to know the answers to your security questions.

2. I recently changed my password and I’m sure I’m using the right one but it still won’t let me in

You may have an account lockout – usually caused by having stored an old password on a mobile device. Visit our User accounts and security page and look at the information on Account Lockouts which will guide you in resolving the issue. In short, switch off all your mobile devices and go through turning them on one at a time, entering the correct password anywhere it is used (e.g. Email, Canvas).

3. I know my password and I’ve been using it for a while but it’s suddenly stopped working

Your password may have expired. Passwords are valid for 60 days: 

  • You can check by attempting to log in to Canvas which will tell you if your password has expired. If it has, you will be directed to the Change Password page.  
  • Alternatively, visit our User accounts and security page and select ‘Changing your Password’ 

4. I’ve recently finished a programme of study and can no longer log in

Your computer account may have expired. Please visit our User accounts and security page and see ‘When does my account expire?’

If none of the above applies, or you’re still having trouble, please contact Library Services for assistance.

In the first instance, their Library Chat Service is a good place to start. Click the orange tab at the top right hand side of the screen. Alternatively, if there are no agents available to help you, fill in the contact form and somebody will get in touch – make sure you provide a contact telephone number and a none-LJMU email address so they can answer your query.


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