Enhancements to 'See My Tutor'

Changes to the functionality of the 'See My Tutor' system will improve usability

See My Tutor is a facility that allows tutors to indicate their availability to students, and for students to book time with their tutors.  As part of a programme of continuous improvement, a number of changes have been made to further enhance the system.

A new Video User Guide to support these changes is in development, which will be available in the near future.  Watch this space!

New landing page

  • Tutors and students can now see at a glance how many upcoming appointments they have, with a link to each appointment
  • A view of appointment details is available as a grid that is split between ‘Upcoming’ and ‘Previous’ appointments
  • The ‘Previous’ grid includes details of which appointments have been reviewed
  • Tutors can also allow students to go directly to the booking page rather than having to find them in a list via the ‘Share this link’ facility; this will particularly help students who have academic meetings with tutors in a different Faculty or School


Booking enhancements

  • Tutors can now set the minimum length of time (in minutes) students can book an appointment ahead of the appointment time; the default setting is 60 minutes

Reviewing appointments

  • As well as being able to see how many appointments they have coming up, tutors can review previous appointments via a link on the landing page
  • The biggest enhancement here is that tutors will now be able to add notes to the meeting record, which is something colleagues have been requesting for a long time, and can also share this information with the student, if they wish
  • They are also able to update the appointment record to indicate whether a student attended
  • We have also added quick links for the tutor to view the student’s Learner Digital Engagement, previous Results, Attendance, and any previous See My Tutor bookings as part of their prep for the meeting (NB: Engagement is currently only available for L3 and L4 students)
  • Finally, students can upload attachments when they make the appointment booking, if there are specific documents they wish to discuss during the meeting




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