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Updates to policies

SCP28 Pressure Systems has been updated and is available in the Policy Centre.
The SCP covers pressure and steam systems – such as heating systems, autoclaves, commercial steam irons, hydraulic accumulators and commercial coffee boiler systems. It does not cover hot water urns.
It is of interest to purchasers, users, maintenance staff and managers of such pressure systems. There are no major changes in this update, however there is new information on ‘condensate induced water hammer’ (arising from a HSE alert) – with additional controls to take regarding this failure mode in steam systems.

SCP21 Non-Ionising Radiation - Laser and Optical Radiation has been updated and is available in the Policy Centre.
This SCP concentrates on Laser & Optical Radiation - other non-ionising radiations such as electromagnetic fields, microwaves and radio waves will be covered in another SCP.
It is of interest to users and purchasers of laster or equipment containing lasers. There are no major changes in this update. The revised SCP includes updated definitions of laster classifications, examples of the new styles of labels for lasers and the inclusion of type 1C lasers (e.g. hair removal equipment).

The University’s Environmental Management and Sustainability Policy has been updated and signed by the Vice-Chancellor. This policy describes the University’s commitment to better environmental management and sustainability performance through:

  • environmental protection
  • environmental enhancement
  • compliance
  • continual improvement
  • monitoring and management

The University's Health and Safety Policy Statement has been updated and signed by the Vice-Chancellor. The central focus of the University’s Health and Safety Policy and its Health and Safety Strategy is to develop a positive health and safety culture characterised by communications based on mutual trust, by shared perceptions of the importance of health and safety and by confidence in the efficiency of preventative measures.


Following approval at Academic Board the following two policies have been updated and are now available in the Policy Centre:

PG Cert Academic Practice (PGCAP) and Professional Recognition for Teaching Policy
The Timetabling Policy and Room Booking Policy have now become the Timetabling and Room Booking Policy


The Working From Home/Remote Working guidance has been updated.


To view all policies visit the Policy Centre.

For further information and enquiries email: policies@ljmu.ac.uk


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