Update on university coronavirus recovery plans

Like many organisations, our focus now is on recovery planning as the country starts to emerge from the peak of the coronavirus crisis. We have been updating our students and staff on our plans for the next academic year and offering support and help to anyone who may feel particularly vulnerable or concerned. We are working to reassure everyone at LJMU about the measures we are putting in place to protect all of our staff and students.

It is our intention to start the next academic year on time, with week one of teaching on standard programmes to begin on 28 September 2020. We will take a blended approach to our academic delivery, with a mixture of online and face-to-face teaching to adapt to the restrictions and new realities we face.

We will have a phased reopening of our campuses in order to continuously assess our social distancing measures and to make any changes required to ensure we can keep everyone safe and secure. 

We know that the coming weeks will present us with lots of challenges – but we also know that as the LJMU community comes together anything is possible. 


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