Staff Expenses Policy Update from 1 August 2020

Policy Update

The university policy on reimbursement of expenses, travel and subsistence costs has been updated and is valid for all expenses incurred from 1 August 2020.

At the current time staff should continue to observe the restrictions on travel until further notice and this briefing note is for information purposes only.

The revised Policy is on Policy Centre

Key changes for staff to note are:

Rates for Accommodation and Subsistence in UK

  • A limit of up to £180 per night for London and £120 outside of London (including breakfast)
  • Breakfast up to £5 – where journeys start before 6am
  • Lunch up to £5 – where a journey takes over 5 hours
  • Evening meal up to – £25 when a journey ends after 9pm (no alcohol costs will be reimbursed)

Rates for Accommodation and Subsistence Overseas

Please refer to the full policy for further details and if you have any queries please contact your Finance Manager.


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