Inclusive Allyship Programme (In Association With The Challenging Racism Webinar Series)

Inclusive Allyship Programme (In Association With The Challenging Racism Webinar Series)

Following the Challenging Racism Collaborative Campaign (webinar series), the University of Kent, Liverpool John Moores University and City, University of London are working with Inclusive Employers to deliver a virtual, Inclusive Allyship Programme

The programme aims to open-up channels of discussion and reflection around racism, as well as raise awareness and understanding of challenges associated with ethnicity/race and more specifically, how to become an inclusive ally.

This opportunity is FREE and open to all staff from each institution. There are 10 places available for LJMU staff and will be offered on a first-come-first served basis, participants MUST BE AVAILABLE TO ATTEND ALL 4 SESSIONS (dates/times have been listed below and a waiting list has been enabled). Non-BAME staff are encouraged to apply for this Inclusive Allyship Programme.

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Inclusive Allyship Programme:

To coincide with the webinar series, there will be an opportunity for a number of staff to participate in a four-part inclusive allyship programme, led by Inclusive Employers. The programme will take place over several weeks to allow for reflection and action between sessions. Each session will be one hour long.

In between webinar sessions, delegates will complete a workbook with self-reflection activities supporting them to develop their self-awareness, consider their biases and identify areas for development.

Aim of the programme:

  • Understand what makes an Inclusion Ally and how it relates to three key areas: values, behaviours and actions.
  • Explore privilege, circles of influence, and the boundaries of the role.
  • Explore frameworks and techniques to challenge exclusion and have challenging conversations.
  • Create an individual plan of action.

Session 1 (Introductory Session) - Welcome To Allies Webinar (23rd February 2021 | 11am - 12pm)

  • Values: why are Allies important? – a look at the purpose of Allies at the university and the wider context, including anti-racism and structural discrimination.
  • Behaviours: how do Allies make a difference? – discussing privilege and power and how this can be utilised to make the workplace more inclusive, identifying the boundaries of the Ally role.
  • Actions: what do Allies do? – specific actions Allies will take, and the actions they will be taking over the next 4 weeks

Session 2 – The importance of courage in the face of discomfort (3rd March 2021 | 2pm - 3pm)

  • Virtual learning session will cover developing self-knowledge and courage to identify one’s own bias (implicit and conscious). This session will cover white privilege, white fragility and suggestions for unpicking the biases we soak up from the societies in which we live.
  • It is proposed to work with the BAME staff network to design content, so that it centres the topics they feel are a priority. It may be that, at this stage, this session focuses primarily on race and then takes an intersectional view of other identities and experiences.

Session 3 – Inclusive language and courageous conversations (19th March 2021 | 2.30pm - 3.30pm)

  • Virtual learning session or recorded webinar around identifying and challenging exclusion and discrimination, including how to use the University’s existing processes. This session covers the practical actions Allies can take to challenge exclusion, including influencing skills, conversation techniques and strategies for taking action.

Session 4 – Final session (23rd March 2021 | 10am - 11am)

  • Allies to consolidate what they have learnt and ‘graduate’ from the programme.
  • Inclusive Employers will facilitate an ‘Allies surgery’ where Allies can raise any concerns and questions for the Inclusive Employers consultant to troubleshoot.
  • Once completed, Allies will; record/photograph their Allies, pledge (a commitment in their own words of what they will do as an Ally) for the next 12 months and will graduate from the scheme.
  • These pledges can be shared as part of communications around the Allies programme.

Participants MUST be able to attend all four sessions/dates of the Inclusive Allyship Programme.



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