New Professors and Readers

Many congratulations to our newly-promoted professors and readers.

The new professors are:

  • Helen Poole, Professor of Applied Health Psychology
  • Lynne Boddy, Professor of Physical Activity and Health
  • Patryk Kot, Professor of Microwave Sensor Technologies
  • Simon Brandt, Professor of Forensic Chemistry
  • Matthew Darnley, Professor of Time Domain Astrophysics

The new readers are:

  • Amos Fatokun, Reader in Pharmacology and Neuroscience
  • Ana Armada Bras, Reader in Biomaterials for infrastructure
  • Andrea Font, Reader in Theoretical Astrophysics
  • Andrea Mallaburn, Reader in Science Education
  • Angela Daly, Reader in Educational Research & Global Learning
  • Badr Abdullah, Reader in Sensor Applications
  • Catherine Wilkinson, Reader in Childhood & Youth Studies
  • Daniel Perley, Reader in Astrophysics
  • David Moore, Reader in Pain Psychology
  • Davide Bruno, Reader in Psychology
  • Deaglan Odonghaile, Reader in Late Victorian Literature & Culture
  • Dominic Doran, Reader in Exercise Physiology
  • Eddie Blanco Davis, Reader in Marine Engineering
  • Ellen Adele Dawson, Reader in Cardiovascular Physiology
  • Emily Bethell, Reader in Animal Cognition and Welfare
  • Fang Bin Guo, Reader in Industrial Design
  • Fiona Tolan, Reader in Contemporary Women's Writing
  • Hana Leaper, Reader in History of Art & Museum Studies
  • Hoshang Kolivand, Reader in Human Computer Interaction & Robotics
  • Julia Novack, Reader in Animal Physiology
  • Kathryn Walchester, Reader in English Literature
  • Kenneth Ritchie, Reader in Toxicology
  • Kostas Kiriakoulakis, Reader in Marine Science
  • Lucinda Matthews-Jones, Reader in Victorian History
  • Matthew Cocks, Reader in Exercise Physiology
  • Mehdi Seddighi, Reader in Fluid Mechanics
  • Nadine Muller, Reader in Women's & Gender Studies
  • Nicola Koyama, Reader in Primate Behaviour
  • Paula Watson, Reader in Physical Activity and Exercise Physiology
  • Peter Edward Penson, Reader in Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  • Richard Jennings, Reader in Archaeology
  • Sarah Dalrymple, Reader in Conservation Ecology
  • Touraj Ehtezazi, Reader in Pharmaceutics
  • Victoria Spencer Sprung, Reader in Physical Activity and Exercise Prescription







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