PhD helps medicines supply in Africa


PhD student Ramatu Abdulkadir has won the Best Presenter Award at a key business conference in Rwanda.

Ramatu’s presentation on supply chains in the Nigerian public health sector earned her the award at the 3rd African Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management held in Kigali.

Ramatu who is currently studying a full-time PhD in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the School of Engineering is the Head of the Pharmacy Department with the National Ear Care Centre in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Her research aims to gain clarity on the factors affecting supply chain performance in public health supply chains, the constraints in the supply chain and to provide a solution to improve overall performance.

Global challenges

She said: “I’m delighted to have my work recognised on an international stage. It is a critical time to work in public health supply chains with COVID and shortages of essential medicines. Disruption in global supply chains has led to increased cost and shortages of raw materials and products.

“My research is helping managers to identify and focus on key areas of improvement in their supply chains. Hopefully, the study will benefit healthcare organizations and policy makers and build resilient supply chains.”


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