Guidance on 'Plan B' measures on COVID-19

Following the Government's COVID update last night, the Vice-Chancellor and the Covid Operations Group (COG) met to consider the new ‘plan b’ guidance. 

Since returning to campus in September, the university has been operating at a high level of safety and many of the measures outlined by the government have already been in place across the university as part of our arrangements to keep everyone safe.

It’s really important to emphasise that the university is open.  Subsequent guidance from the Department for Education this morning has been clear that we should continue with face-to-face teaching, student facing support and extra-curricular programmes, research and research-related activity - however, any staff gatherings on campus, meetings and non-student-facing events should now move on-line. 

Our current measures will continue:

  • Face coverings are to be worn at all times on campus in communal areas and when seated in the company of others.  LJMU ID cards and lanyards should be worn at all times for access to our buildings and to enable track and trace (additional marshals will be on campus to assist and reassert these measures).
  • If you are contacted by the NHS and instructed to self-isolate whilst waiting for a PCR test or if you test positive you must inform our own covid support team (
  • In the context of the working from home directive, hybrid working will continue in the current format; ELT will review and advise of any changes if necessary.
  • Two lateral flow covid tests should continue to be taken per week by everyone.
  • Frequent and sustained hand washing and use of antibacterial gel.
  • We are strongly advising everyone in our community to get a covid vaccination and booster.

As we approach the winter break, we will continue to support our students to complete this semester and with hybrid working in place, staff can continue to balance time in the university with working at home in a highly effective way.

Looking ahead, plans are in place to hold face to face exams from 4th January and graduations at the Cathedral from 10th January.  Whilst both of these events involve large numbers of attendees they do not meet the thresholds required for additional restrictions but will be conducted with safety measures in place.

The Covid Operations Group will continue to review the situation over the festive break.  

Should the situation change, email communications will be issued to staff and to students as necessary.

If you have any feedback or observations please contact with your comments.

Thank you for observing our guidelines and for continuing to keep our community safe.

Professor Phil Vickerman, Chair. Covid Operations Group



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