Benefits of Collaborative Online International Learning

Students improved employability skills through COIL project

Two level 6 BA (Hons) Human Resources Management students and one level 7 Human Resources Management student recently took part in a four week Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) project. Elle Maguire, Millie Tang and Lois Carey all agreed that participating on the COIL project with Athena School of Management, India was really beneficial and fun. Further details of the project can be viewed here:

Specifically, Lois, Elle and Millie thought that the COIL project provided an opportunity for them to collaborate with peers on an international dimension whom they otherwise would not have the chance to do so. They learnt a great deal about other cultures and a strong work ethic. Lois, Elle and Millie enjoyed the unassessed project and improved their teamwork skills. Overall, they felt that they have improved their employability skills. They would definitely recommend the COIL project to students.

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Congratulations to all our graduates in Colombo!


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