Black Lives Matter

"I think this is the first time where I've spoken and I feel like I've been listened to and not just heard."

On the 12-month anniversary of the death of George Floyd, LJMU has restated its commitment to change and respond to the needs of people of colour with a refresh of our Black Lives Matter microsite and the launch of a powerful series of videos about our Reciprocal Mentoring Scheme.

Reflecting on the last year, there was a growing sense that we needed to do something different that would transform the way our university understands and responds to the perspective of black students who are part of our community. 

That's why the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team developed the Reciprocal Mentoring Scheme, in partnership with JMSU, so there can be shared learning between both senior management and students.

Members of the university management team were matched with current students with life-changing results. These films tell the story of this groundbreaking scheme and the transformation we are seeing as a result in a powerful set of interviews with LJMU alumna and local radio host Ngunan Adamu. 

The quote ("I think this is the first time where I've spoken and I feel like I've been listened to and not just heard") and the image for this article come from the conversation between LJMU student Evey Gordon and Yvonne Turnbull, Director of Student Advice and Wellbeing. Watch in full in the film above.

Future updates are planned on the attainment gap and our new reporting tool around issues of racial harassment.

Also, be sure not to miss #BlackGirlExcellence. 

The LJMU BAME student network will be hosting a series of informal yet informative career talks with Black women who are changing the narrative behind breaking the glass ceiling to become successful leaders. 

The event is on Thursday 10 June, 9:30am–4pm. Register here.


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