Top tips for your first two weeks at university

Emily Roxbee Cox graduated from LJMUin 2020 with a degree in sport and exercise science and is now President of your students' union, JMSU. Here are her tips and advice for those first two weeks at university.   

I remember when I first arrived at university, I felt nervous to move away from home but so excited about what Liverpool had in store for me and all the experiences that would come my way. My three years at university were brilliant but I know those first two weeks can be a little overwhelming. Here are some ‘Dos and Don’ts’ from me:  

  • Making friends can seem like the most nerve-wracking side of uni, whether you are an undergraduate or a postgraduate, but remember everyone is in the same boat. Why not join a sports team or society? Go to a range of taster sessions and find the right one for you. It’s a great way to meet a new group of people who you already have something in common with. 
  • As well as the essentials of what to bring with you, it’s really handy to know what NOT to bring. If you are moving into student accommodation, things like kettles and toasters can be purchased with your flat mates when you get here, so save yourself the luggage room. Remember you don’t need to have your own printer either, there are hundreds that are free to use all over campus. 
  • If you are planning on buying a new laptop or desktop for your studies, the university offers some great advice on compatible IT purchases. Included for all LJMU student is a Microsoft 365 subscription which includes Word, Excel and Powerpoint, so no need to purchase any software either! LJMU also has a laptop scheme in order for students to buy a new laptop. Find out if you are eligible. 
  • In the first couple of weeks there are so many events and opportunities on offer, try not to feel overwhelmed, you don't have to go to everything! Have a look on the LJMU and JMSU website and find something you’re interested in! Lots of these events continue all throughout the year so if you can't go to something don’t worry that you’ve missed out! 
  • I would recommend going to Freshers’ Fair (29th September) as it is such a fun event, with information about things going on in the city, employment opportunities, how to get involved in the student union plus lots of freebies!  
  • Don't be afraid to ask a question or reach out for help and advice. You are not on your own; there are lots of support staff who can help you with a range of questions from money advice, wellbeing support, and so much more. You should never worry alone, there is always someone to help you at LJMU!  

The JMSU has a range of events, news and advice on all things student related, visit the website or come meet the team. We'll see you in September! 





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