Praise for policing student who goes above and beyond

Sarah Rowe-Blackman helped a total stranger during her first week in Liverpool

Sarah Rowe-Blackman is a first year policing student who has just started studying at LJMU this semester. 

On her first night out in the city, she came across a person who at first she thought was just drunk, however when the woman started to loose consciousness and fit, Sarah believed she may have been 'spiked.'

Calling the emergency services, Sarah and her friends then put the woman into the recovery postion and waited with her for over an hour until the ambulance arrived. 

She said "Anything could have happened. If I was in her position, I wouldn't just want to be left."

Sarah also sheltered the woman from the rain and The North West Ambulance Service has praised her for her actions.

The way in which Sarah looked after a total stranger's wellbeing is a true example of responsible citizenship and here at LJMU we are very proud of her.  



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