Paid opportunities for LJMU students to be a part-time school tutor with The Tutor Trust

The Tutor Trust are delivering an online talk for LJMU students on 2 February to promote paid opportunities to become a tutor working with young people in Liverpool.

The Tutor Trust are delivering an online talk for LJMU students on 2 February at 2.45pm to promote paid opportunities to become a tutor working with young people in Liverpool.

The Tutor Trust are a registered charity dedicated to transforming lives through tuition. For 10 years they have been working with schools across the North of England to bridge the attainment gap and provide tuition to those young people who wouldn’t otherwise have access.

No teaching experience is required to become a tutor, for which you can earn £20 per hour, and you don’t have to want to be a teacher in the future to take part.

Psychology student Rachael DobbinSecond year Psychology student Rachael Dobbin is one of 31 LJMU students who became a tutor last year having attended on online event with The Tutor Trust in November 2020.  She has since become a brand ambassador for the organisation and now helps to recruit others to join the ever-growing team.

We chatted to Rachel about her role as a tutor, the skills she has developed because of the role, how she balances her university commitments with working as a tutor, as well as getting her tips and advice for other students considering applying to get involved.

Can you describe your role at The Tutor Trust? 
My role at the Tutor Trust is to deliver effective and engaging tuition to children from various backgrounds and abilities. I am trained in Primary Maths and English, and recently completed training in AP/LAC tutoring. Tuition is mainly for those who do not have access to private tuition, which is what makes my role so rewarding. I create fun and high-quality lesson plans in my own time throughout the week, which are ready to deliver for my lessons. Recently, I've became a Brand Ambassador too, which involves promoting and raising awareness of the Tutor Trust. This helps recruit new tutors. I also help via zoom to support tutor training and attend Brand Ambassador meetings.  

What skills have you developed by being a tutor?
I've gained and developed so many skills through the Tutor Trust. These include extensive knowledge on child behaviour, safeguarding, tutoring methods and how to make outstanding lesson plans. My organisation skills have improved immensely to be able to plan lessons, create worksheets and fill out lesson feedbacks/registers. I have developed really good problem-solving skills as I work with so many children, who all have varying behaviours, abilities and confidence. This means I have to be creative to overcome any barriers. The main thing (other than the experience) that has helped me achieve these skills is the Tutor Trust five-week training programme - it built my confidence greatly, especially for my first lesson. I also got a Level 2 Safeguarding Children qualification during this! Many positives have come from tutoring! 

What advice would you give to students starting an application to work for The Tutor Trust? 
The key bits of advice I'd give to those applying for the Tutor Trust is to take as many opportunities as you can! I've learned so much throughout my journey. I would advise to go outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself! Other Tutor Trust staff provide endless help, especially coordinators. I've not only became a tutor, but gained understanding into AP/LAC tutoring, learned more about the organisation through the Brand Ambassador role, worked in various primary schools, gained friends and gained a new qualification! Take the opportunities the Tutor Trust offer! Also, the Tutor Trust do not expect you to be an expert in every Maths and English topic - I often refresh my knowledge before I start my lesson plan, and that is completely normal. So, do not avoid applying because you cannot remember everything from when you were at school! 

What are the benefits of having a part time job whilst studying? 
There are multiple benefits of working for the Tutor Trust. As well as the points I've mentioned about gaining skills and qualifications to add to your CV, the Tutor Trust allows you to pick which jobs you want to take on. This makes my job really flexible to work around my university studies. They advertise jobs with details of the school, times, days, dates, location and rate of pay etc. This means before I apply for any, I can have a look at my timetable, check if it fits my schedule, Google the location to see if I can get there easily, and apply it is suits me! It is also handy as the days and times are fixed, so you always know when you are working (and you never have to work weekends)! The Tutor Trust also pay £20 a lesson, which is obviously a bonus! I do not feel as pressured to work as many hours as the rate of pay is amazing. It means I have more time to focus on university and maintain my grades, as well as having more spare time to socialise.

What is your favourite thing about working for The Tutor Trust? 
My favourite thing about working for the Tutor Trust is the sense of reward I get after every lesson! I actually feel like I am making a difference to people's lives, and that I am doing something worthwhile. It makes me so happy when the tutees tell me they enjoy my lessons, or when they answer a question they wouldn't be able to complete the week before. I really enjoy my job! It's also such a friendly community - every Tutor Trust member has been so helpful and motivational. They reassure me and give advice if I am struggling with anything. I really hope to stay working at the Tutor Trust for a long time! 

Register for the online presentation on 2 February to find out more about the work the Tutor Trust do, and how you can get involved making a difference in your community today.



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